Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Writing it down, Wednesdays, Fonts for Journaling

Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe another week already flew by. Where has the year gone? Last week we talked about how we write our stories can make or break a page right down to the font we use.  This week I want to help you found some of the best free fonts to use for writing those stories. Before we do that I want to give you some tips to help you decide which will work best for you.


1. PRINTED SIZE - No matter what style of font you use, make sure it is readable size when it is printed out.  Remember if you work on a 12 x 12 Layout but print at 8 x 8 the fonts will shrink.

2. LEGIBILITY – Another readability factor is the legibility of a font. If you use a cursive or handwritten type of font, is it still easy to read? Can readers of all ages read the font, the young and the old?

3. DESIGN – Font choice contributes to the overall feeling and design of a scrapbook page. How you present the text is also a design element.

4. PERSONALITY – Fonts have a personality all their own.

  • Handwritten style fonts often feel a bit more playful or casual.
  • Typed fonts add a more graphic style or even a quirky feel to a layout.
  • Basic fonts have the clean look of simple.

With keeping the above in mind, picking a font for your journaling should be a little easier.  There is no rule that you have to use a different font on every layout either.  When I am doing a book I usually find 2 or 3 different fonts just for that book, and that's all I will use to journal that book.  I also have a journaling font family file that I store all my favorite journaling fonts in and keep in a place easy to get to.

Here are some of my favorite free fonts for journaling:
Below you will find the links to get the free fonts:

Jacques Francois           League Gothic
Permanent Marker          Leander
KG Always A Good Time  Christopher Hand
Designer Notes                Pea Alisha
Traveling Typewriter      Loosie Script
Journaling Hand               Antipasto

Well That should give you a good start on your journaling collection, if you have not started yet. But if your anything like me your are already on your way to becoming a font junkie.  I collect fonts everywhere I look and that's basically just a blink in any direction.  I think next week will be talk about some good font programs to use to view and store your fonts families.

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