Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Write It down Wednesdays, Fonts For Title.

Welcome back! This week are talking about fonts that are great to use for titling and some tips and tricks to making those titles add that Wow factor to your layout. At the bottom of the post you will find a list and the links to 20 great free fonts to use for titling a page.
When you title and use fonts you have so many options to use to make an awesome title. I want to share just a few tips to help get your creative flow going, but the best way to find what you really like for your layout is to explore and play. Remember, there is an undo button in digital scrapbooking if you do not like the way it turned out.
Some tips to adding a flair to your titles:

  • One way to create titles is by using a great font and making it look like an alpha. You can clip papers to it, mat it or give it a different color outline.
  • Varying font sizes, colors, or mixing upper and lower case letters add visual interest.
  • Try playing with some of your styles or actions on your fonts.
  • Use elements from your kit instead of the word an example would be using a pumpkin element instead of spelling the word out with fonts.
 Some tips to keep in mind while you are exploring your creativity:

  • Any font can make a nice title if you make it a little bigger and bolder to draw the attention to it.
  • If you are mixing fonts in your title be careful with how many fonts you decide to mix together. A good rule is to let one font be the dominant one in the design and use another font to compliment.
  • Use fonts mixed with alphas and word art to create unique titles. 
  • Think about readability and the theme of your page. Fancy fonts can be very pretty but sometimes hard to read and wouldn't look good on a kiddie park page.
Here is the list of my 20 go to fonts for titling a layout. Below the list you will find links to all the fonts.  The Best part is they all are free to download. Most of them are for personal use only so just make sure you read their TOU's before you use them for any commercial products to make sure it is alright to use them first. 

Fenwick                               Dancing on the Rooftop
Sketch Block                         KG The Last Time
Lauren Script                        KG All of Me
too much paper                     KG Second Chances
Howser                                 KG Melonheadz
Milk & Cereal                         Janda Apple Cobbler
Tangled Up In You                  You Are Loved
KG Happy                              Thirsty Script 
Go 2 Old Western                   Quiet the Thief 

Thanks for stopping by this week.  Until Next week, remember to stop by to check out this weeks Fridays freebie.  There will be a freebie this Friday, I had one ready to go for last Friday and never hit the publish button so that's why is wasn't there, I do apologize I did't realize it until last night when I went to write today's post.  

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