Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Write It down Wednesdays, Coming up with Titles for your layout

Welcome back! This week are going to talk about titling a layout. How to come up, where to get inspired, and tricks to come up with titles for your layouts.

I do not know about you but when it comes to pulling a title out of my head sometimes feels like I am trying to pull out my own teeth.  I can spend countless hours trying to come up with title for my layout, and then there is times where I can come up with one in seconds.  When I get stuck in that teeth pulling situation, I love to turn to Pinterest, Scrapbooking Galleries and forums for some inspiration.  I have collected and saved many of my finding on one of my Pinterest boards that I refer back to often.  I love to find the perfect title but sometimes it takes a little work to make it my own.  Here are some tricks I Like to do to make my title a little more personal for my layouts.

  • Find a favorite quote, phrase, or saying that goes with your photo's. With this layout of my son and his wonderful girlfriend,  I used a well known Pirate saying which worked well with the photo. Scrapbooking kit credit: Magical Scraps Galore: Scourge of the Seven Seas
  • Use a Movie, TV Show, or Song Title and Change it up a little. With this layout the Egret kept stalking hubby while fishing trying to get into his bait bucket and the whole time the Seagulls from Disney's Finding Nemo is all I heard in my head as I was snapping photos. Scrapbooking kit Credit: Magical Scraps Galore: Sandy Feet
  • Pull it from the journaling on your Page.  Find the words that describe the photos. With this layout of my oldest daughter, I used Lyrics to her favorite song for journaling, and pulled the title from the word used most often in the journaling. Scrapbooking Kit Credit: Wendy Tunison Designs:*Simply Life Bundle
  • Stating the obvious, What is going on in the photos?  Summer? Waves?  With this layout of my youngest daughter, I used what was going on around her to title the page and journal about her strength I admire. Scrapbooking Kit credit: Wendy Tunison Designs: Just Us {August} Bundle 
With all the inspiration out on the web, you are bound to create that perfect title for your layout.  Thanks for stopping by this week. Next week we will talk about some great fonts for titling and ways to add some flair to the fonts.  Until Next week, remember to stop by to check out this weeks Fridays freebie.

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