Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Writing it down, Wednesdays!

Good morning to you all, and welcome to the Writing it down, Wednesdays.  I Love putting together a great layout with papers, elements and all the other fun goodies I can find, but when it comes to the journaling and even the titles I get a lost for words and stumped for days.  I know that the title, fonts used, and even the journaling can make or break a great page, so for me most of the time it's a fight to get it right.  So I am going to journey into finding the best tips, tricks, ideas, and topics you can write about and do a weekly post to give a helping hand where I can.

Why add journaling to your page?
1. It brings life to your pages.
2. A title can make the page complete as well as tell a story.
3. It tells a story that others couldn’t get from a photo alone.
4. It adds your own insight and opinions to the page.
5. It allows you, as a writer, to open up and invite readers to see into your life, your story through your eyes.

My biggest problem with journaling is what I call keyboard block, put the mouse in my hand I can design any page, but when it come to putting words on the screen my brain just goes blank.  The funny thing is I took the photos and I know the story, I just am never happy with the way my journaling turns outs.  It's either with the placement on the page, the way I wrote the story, or even right down to not liking font I used.  Most of my layout are with out Journaling. They have the name, date and title. Only problem with that is this year I wanted to do a project 52 book to document all the big changes going on in my life, so I had no choice to find a way to start liking journaling.

I started looking for everything and anything to make me happy with my journaling. I found visual inspiration on layouts from Scrapstacks, Pinterest, and my favorite digital hang out Scraps N Pieces Forum.  I have read a few good articles on different scrapbooking websites, but the best advice that really got me journaling a little easier was from my daughter, Dori. She is in her second year of college and has been taking creative writing classes since her freshman year in high school. I was trying to convince her to write up my story, well she didn't fall for it, but she did tell me to carry a small notebook and pen everywhere I go. So anytime I get a thought about the day, see a quote, saying, or even a title in a magazine write it down in the notebook.  She told me to write down my feelings and everything as it happens that's when I would write with the most emotions.  Then at the time I need to journal what was going on my emotions would come back because of the way I jotted it down. Boy talk about the student teaching the teacher, I took her advice and let me tell you journaling has come much easier! well what I want to write anyway, I still have the problem with which font I want to use, and how I want it on the layout. So this weeks tip and your first step in journaling more is:

Carry a small notebook and pen, or even use your phone to record the moments, feelings, and thought of the day as they happen. Use that notebook to write down anything that inspires you like titles, quotes or, interests from magazine ads, billboards, or even from your social media sites. Then when you sit down to journal whip out that notebook and read away.  You will be surprised at how much easier the journaling starts to flow.

So now that you have an idea of what Writing it down, Wednesdays is all about come back next Wednesday and we will talk about some great journaling fonts I found.  I would love to hear about some of the ways or tips you have to help get you journaling, or even where you find some of your inspiration for journaling.  Either leave me a comment below or you can head on over to the Facebook page and leave it there and I will add it in the Journaling tip page for all to see.  Thanks for spending your time with me! Have a wonderful rest of your week.

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