Friday, October 30, 2015

Trick or Treat...Happy Halloween Friday Freebie!

Trick or Treat!  Just 24 hours until it's Halloween! Since last week was your trick, Well my mistake with not hitting the publish button and there was no freebie! I am so sorry about that. This week I made sure you got a treat!. It's freebie Friday here today and I wanted to start your Halloween weekend off with a fun Halloween template! Something to help you with scrapping those awesome photo your going to get tomorrow.  You can always share your layouts created with the template on the Facebook page to share with all.  I hope you enjoy the template and Have a Spooky Halloween Weekend!

Download here 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Write It down Wednesdays, Fonts For Title.

Welcome back! This week are talking about fonts that are great to use for titling and some tips and tricks to making those titles add that Wow factor to your layout. At the bottom of the post you will find a list and the links to 20 great free fonts to use for titling a page.
When you title and use fonts you have so many options to use to make an awesome title. I want to share just a few tips to help get your creative flow going, but the best way to find what you really like for your layout is to explore and play. Remember, there is an undo button in digital scrapbooking if you do not like the way it turned out.
Some tips to adding a flair to your titles:

  • One way to create titles is by using a great font and making it look like an alpha. You can clip papers to it, mat it or give it a different color outline.
  • Varying font sizes, colors, or mixing upper and lower case letters add visual interest.
  • Try playing with some of your styles or actions on your fonts.
  • Use elements from your kit instead of the word an example would be using a pumpkin element instead of spelling the word out with fonts.
 Some tips to keep in mind while you are exploring your creativity:

  • Any font can make a nice title if you make it a little bigger and bolder to draw the attention to it.
  • If you are mixing fonts in your title be careful with how many fonts you decide to mix together. A good rule is to let one font be the dominant one in the design and use another font to compliment.
  • Use fonts mixed with alphas and word art to create unique titles. 
  • Think about readability and the theme of your page. Fancy fonts can be very pretty but sometimes hard to read and wouldn't look good on a kiddie park page.
Here is the list of my 20 go to fonts for titling a layout. Below the list you will find links to all the fonts.  The Best part is they all are free to download. Most of them are for personal use only so just make sure you read their TOU's before you use them for any commercial products to make sure it is alright to use them first. 

Fenwick                               Dancing on the Rooftop
Sketch Block                         KG The Last Time
Lauren Script                        KG All of Me
too much paper                     KG Second Chances
Howser                                 KG Melonheadz
Milk & Cereal                         Janda Apple Cobbler
Tangled Up In You                  You Are Loved
KG Happy                              Thirsty Script 
Go 2 Old Western                   Quiet the Thief 

Thanks for stopping by this week.  Until Next week, remember to stop by to check out this weeks Fridays freebie.  There will be a freebie this Friday, I had one ready to go for last Friday and never hit the publish button so that's why is wasn't there, I do apologize I did't realize it until last night when I went to write today's post.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Write It down Wednesdays, Coming up with Titles for your layout

Welcome back! This week are going to talk about titling a layout. How to come up, where to get inspired, and tricks to come up with titles for your layouts.

I do not know about you but when it comes to pulling a title out of my head sometimes feels like I am trying to pull out my own teeth.  I can spend countless hours trying to come up with title for my layout, and then there is times where I can come up with one in seconds.  When I get stuck in that teeth pulling situation, I love to turn to Pinterest, Scrapbooking Galleries and forums for some inspiration.  I have collected and saved many of my finding on one of my Pinterest boards that I refer back to often.  I love to find the perfect title but sometimes it takes a little work to make it my own.  Here are some tricks I Like to do to make my title a little more personal for my layouts.

  • Find a favorite quote, phrase, or saying that goes with your photo's. With this layout of my son and his wonderful girlfriend,  I used a well known Pirate saying which worked well with the photo. Scrapbooking kit credit: Magical Scraps Galore: Scourge of the Seven Seas
  • Use a Movie, TV Show, or Song Title and Change it up a little. With this layout the Egret kept stalking hubby while fishing trying to get into his bait bucket and the whole time the Seagulls from Disney's Finding Nemo is all I heard in my head as I was snapping photos. Scrapbooking kit Credit: Magical Scraps Galore: Sandy Feet
  • Pull it from the journaling on your Page.  Find the words that describe the photos. With this layout of my oldest daughter, I used Lyrics to her favorite song for journaling, and pulled the title from the word used most often in the journaling. Scrapbooking Kit Credit: Wendy Tunison Designs:*Simply Life Bundle
  • Stating the obvious, What is going on in the photos?  Summer? Waves?  With this layout of my youngest daughter, I used what was going on around her to title the page and journal about her strength I admire. Scrapbooking Kit credit: Wendy Tunison Designs: Just Us {August} Bundle 
With all the inspiration out on the web, you are bound to create that perfect title for your layout.  Thanks for stopping by this week. Next week we will talk about some great fonts for titling and ways to add some flair to the fonts.  Until Next week, remember to stop by to check out this weeks Fridays freebie.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Scraps N Pieces October Blog Train

WoW!!! Can you believe we are in the middle of October already? Where has this year gone already?  It's time for the  Scraps N Pieces October's blog train.  I have created a template for you, hope you enjoy it.  I would love to see what you create with it. You could either leave a link to the layout in the comments below or on my Facebook page.
Below the preview is the complete list of designers with links, in case you get lost along the way. Remember, we are in a lot of different time zones, so if a post is not up yet, check back a little later in the day or tomorrow.

No longer Available.

The rest of the stops are listed below.  Have a Great Day! 

A Venture into Digital Scrapbooking

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Write it down, Wednesdays, Font Managers.

Welcome to this weeks Write it down, Wednesday! This week we are talking Font managers. With every passing font that catches our interest, we hit that download button and then add the font to our list of fonts in windows.  That list that seems endless, never to find that font we are looking for.   I use Windows and managing fonts in Windows is just a pain to do.  All the downloaded fonts can weigh heavy on your system resources and slow down performance because Windows loads all font information at boot time.  This is where a good font manager comes in.
Here's what a good font manager can do for you:

  1. Easy installation of new fonts with intuitive interfaces, losing the need to dig through system directories to find the font again.
  2. Font protection against accidental deletions. If you spend a lot of money on expensive fonts, you’ll definitely want to keep them safe.
  3. Organization of all fonts. Depending on the font manager, you may be able to store fonts in multiple directories to maintain some semblance of order.
  4. Dynamic loading of fonts to reduce system resource usage. Again, this one depends on the font manager, but some allow you to load and unload fonts at will instead of loading them all into memory at startup.
So which font manager is the best one and is it right for you?  I have listed a few free font managers for you to check out, and you can make the choice of which one will work best for you. 

Nexus Font (Free): This program works somewhat uniquely. Instead of installing fonts to the system, you can install them into NexusFont itself. While NexusFont is running, all fonts loaded into the program are available to the system. When NexusFont is closed, the fonts become unavailable. This saves on space and memory, plus NexusFont doesn’t need to be installed, making it a serious contender for best portable program. This is a great program to use as a back up if you use different computers to scrap on.  Use it to keep your must have fonts on so when you need them you always have them no matter what computer your using. 

AMP Font Viewer (Free): This incredible program offers a lot of usefulness for its price. It can hold a repository of fonts that are separated into two groups: Installed and Non-Installed fonts. Fonts can be temporarily installed in case you want to just test them out or you only need them for a little while. They can even be tagged and categorized for easy organization.

Font Frenzy (Free): This nifty program comes with four useful tools:  FrenzyMan lets you add and install one or multiple font files. Defrenzy deletes all fonts except the ones that shipped with the system. FrenzySnap takes a snapshot (or backup) of the Fonts folder and Refrenzy can restore fonts that were snapshotted by FrenzySnap. For most users, Font Frenzy is awesome.

 Font Runner(Free): is similar to NexusFont. It has a preview list rather than selecting one font at a time, displays Unicode, has user-defined group by favorite folders or projects (sets in NexusFont), and allows drag'n'drop of files and folders even from Windows Explorer.  You can search by font name, by similarity to the selected font, or for characters in other fonts that match the selected character. The latter is useful for finding Unicode fonts with similar character blocks. 

 Nexus font and Amp Font are the 2 font managers I love using.  I use Amp on a daily basis and only have it on my desktop.  I use Nexus as my back up of my go to fonts for journaling and page titles, I use it when I am on my laptop traveling or away from home on another computer. They both take some time to set up and get use to just as any other program, but they were easy to figure out and use.  In the end what really matters is you are happy with the one your are using, and if not there are plenty of other font managers to try.  It's just investing a little time to find the perfect one for you. Once you see the time saved and how is easy it was to find that perfect font for your layout, you will wonder how you ever managed before you found it.  Just one Warning!!!!!  Using a font manager just may turn you into a font junkie!  Use at your own  Have a wonderful evening and make sure you stop back to check out this weeks Friday Freebie!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Freebie Friday: Spooktacular Template

Happy Friday!  It's freebie Friday here today and I wanted to start your weekend off with a Spooktacular template.  There is only 25 Days to Halloween my favorite holiday!  I love visiting haunted houses and corn mazes. It's been a family tradition of ours since the kids have out grown Trick or Treating.  Every year we pile the kids and their friends into the van and take a road trip to a new place every year.  This years trip is to Universal Studio's, I can not wait to go. I would love to see what you created with the template, you can always post your layouts on the Facebook page to share with all. I hope you enjoy the template and Have a wonderful Weekend!

NO longer available

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Writing it down, Wednesdays, Fonts for Journaling

Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe another week already flew by. Where has the year gone? Last week we talked about how we write our stories can make or break a page right down to the font we use.  This week I want to help you found some of the best free fonts to use for writing those stories. Before we do that I want to give you some tips to help you decide which will work best for you.


1. PRINTED SIZE - No matter what style of font you use, make sure it is readable size when it is printed out.  Remember if you work on a 12 x 12 Layout but print at 8 x 8 the fonts will shrink.

2. LEGIBILITY – Another readability factor is the legibility of a font. If you use a cursive or handwritten type of font, is it still easy to read? Can readers of all ages read the font, the young and the old?

3. DESIGN – Font choice contributes to the overall feeling and design of a scrapbook page. How you present the text is also a design element.

4. PERSONALITY – Fonts have a personality all their own.

  • Handwritten style fonts often feel a bit more playful or casual.
  • Typed fonts add a more graphic style or even a quirky feel to a layout.
  • Basic fonts have the clean look of simple.

With keeping the above in mind, picking a font for your journaling should be a little easier.  There is no rule that you have to use a different font on every layout either.  When I am doing a book I usually find 2 or 3 different fonts just for that book, and that's all I will use to journal that book.  I also have a journaling font family file that I store all my favorite journaling fonts in and keep in a place easy to get to.

Here are some of my favorite free fonts for journaling:
Below you will find the links to get the free fonts:

Jacques Francois           League Gothic
Permanent Marker          Leander
KG Always A Good Time  Christopher Hand
Designer Notes                Pea Alisha
Traveling Typewriter      Loosie Script
Journaling Hand               Antipasto

Well That should give you a good start on your journaling collection, if you have not started yet. But if your anything like me your are already on your way to becoming a font junkie.  I collect fonts everywhere I look and that's basically just a blink in any direction.  I think next week will be talk about some good font programs to use to view and store your fonts families.